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From: Forest Vance
Gym Owner
Veteran Personal Trainer
Former Pro Football Player
Your Host - the Garage Gym Summit

Dear Fellow At-Home Workout Fan:

If you are looking to:

- Shred fat 
- Gain strength
- Gain lean muscle
- Improve performance in your chosen sport and/or everyday life
- Just get into great overall shape

You'll want to claim your ticket to this special event right away.

You see, I've assembled 10 of the TOP experts in the areas of garage gym training - and we've collaborated to bring you the best garage gym workouts and training programs.

You'll get access to interviews with each expert, as well as sample workouts, unique training tips, and more.

And this is your invitation to attend - 100% free for a limited time! Just click the link below to register now .. 

Now introducing ...

The Garage Gym Summit

10 Top Experts Show You How to Use Your Own Bodyweight, Kettlebells, And Dumbells to Get A Killer Workout Any Time, Any Place!

Sign up FREE below, and you'll get access to dozens of free workouts, training tips, and much more.

Check out the participants and what you'll learn when you attend:

  • Forest Vance shares Kettlebell Challenge Workouts that you can do any time, any place, with just a single kettlebell and your own body weight
  •  Nick Nilsson hooks you up with his "Metabolic Monsters" Workouts for drastic improvements in body composition while improving strength and conditioning at the same time 
  •  Kate Vidulich tells us about her Stronger Body - Stronger Life system - and shares a workout you can do any time, any place to gain SERIOUS strength - using nothing but your own bodyweight!
  •  Mike T Nelson talks about how trainers and advanced fitness enthusiasts can implement 8 different interventions related to nutrition /recovery into their life. 
  •  Sarai White shares workouts women can use to get a stronger body, mind and life - at ANY age - with her SuperWomen Strong system
  •  Logan Christopher shows us how to get maximum results in minimum time using his "80/20" strength workouts and system
  •  Funk Roberts shows men over 40 how they can re-claim their youthful strength and vigor with his 40 Alpha program and shred workouts
  •  Travis Stoetzel shares his signature "Garage Built Body" program and sample workouts where you use kettlebells, dumbbells and bodyweight to shred fat and build lean muscle any time, any place
  •  Mike Whitfield uses his minimal - equipment "Barefit" workouts to get you maximum results in minimum time
  •  Ryan Murdock shows you how to develop a "ninja core" with a little-known ninja training bodyweight only secret ab workout
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Meet the Presenters

Forest Vance

Forest holds a Master’s degree in Human Movement and personal training certifications through the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He is also a level II Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor, Progressive Calisthenics Certified Instructor, StrongFirst Certified Barbell Instructor, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach.

Over the last 13 years, Forest has experience as a personal trainer, group fitness/boot camp instructor, fitness manager, and health club general manager. He also maintains a network of fitness-related websites, makes regular guest appearances on many others, has been featured in national newspaper, radio, television, and other media, and is the creator/author of numerous books, DVDs, and digitally delivered workout programs/systems.

Sarai White

Sarai’s love of fitness began at 14 when her dad caught wind of a crash diet she was doing and forbade her to diet! She realized if she wanted to be “skinny” she’d have to workout.

She quickly set out making up workouts at home with dumbbells and workout VHS tapes to achieve this goal. When she turned 16 and got a licence she joined her first gym. Finally having access to substantial weight, she soon switched her focus from being “skinny” to being strong, fast and focusing on what her body could do.

This does not mean she has always been fit or lean. Like everyone else, she has yo-yo’d and struggled and dealt with many food issues and lack of motivation to workout. Even getting to a point where she had a solid 50lbs to lose, even as a trainer! She believes this helps her to serve those she works with better since she’s been in their shoes.

For 20 years now she has worked with clients to reach their goals in some capacity with the last 15 years being able to spend her time training clients full time in many avenues.

She has received certifications from ACE, NASM, Olympic weightlifting from USAW, and a few more. She is currently completing a nutrition certification from Precision Nutrition.

Sarai’s passion is helping people unleash their inner athlete, stop obsessing over food, and realize how strong they really are and can be in all areas of their life. 

Nick Nilsson

Flying in the face of conventional wisdom, he’s known around the world as the “Mad Scientist of Muscle” for a reason. 

 Nine-time published author and fitness expert Nick Nilsson enters his lab every day with one obsession – to experiment with and deliver something better — the kind of mind-blowing, extraordinary weight training exercises that get results – FAST. 

 An expert in kinesiology, physiology and anatomy, Nick’s driving passion is helping people create the body they want, especially when nothing else seems to do the trick. 

Mike Whitfield

Mike Whitfield, who has lost 115lbs, is the author of Rise and Hustle. 

He’s also a Master Trainer and contributor to the Big Book of Getting Abs. Known for his dynamic, creative exercise programming and humor, he has spoken at numerous fitness conferences. 

His unique “metabolic stacking” methods have helped thousands of people lose weight while allowing more “wiggle room” in their diets.

Kate Vidulich

Kate Vidulich is an experienced Exercise Physiologist, and the author of FatLossAccelerators.com. She is Certified ACSM Health Fitness Specialist with a passion for excellence. 

Kate has an extensive research background, completing a Bachelor of Science (Health & ExSc) from the UNSW in Sydney, Australia. 

A high energy, passionate Aussie with over 12 years experience, Kate has a unique, fun approach to help you transform your life, one step at a time. Kate’s most famous for helping women get stronger, sculpt a tight, toned body even if they’ve “tried everything” or failed in the past. Kate’s writing has been featured in some of the most widely read and respected fitness publications, like Men’s Fitness, Shape, and Oxygen magazine.

Ryan Murdock

Ryan Murdock is the hidden hand behind Forbidden Fitness, and co-founder of Shapeshifter Media. The program is a distillation of the most effective training methods he encountered and created during 22 years of obsessive ninjutsu training.

Ryan has spent the past 18 years sharing his passion for travel, culture and the world’s marginal places through the printed word. His travels have taken him to 72 countries so far, including desert expeditions and long solo journeys through Central America and East and Southeast Asia.

His first book, Vagabond Dreams, explored the process of psychological and emotional change experienced by the traveller, set against the backdrop of a solo journey through Central America. The book was given a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly, which described him as “a powerful new voice in creative nonfiction.”

Ryan is Editor-at-Large (Europe) for Outpost, Canada’s national travel magazine. His popular “Adrift on the Continent” column, which appears in each print issue, explores odd corners of Europe, strange bits of political, human or physical geography that are largely unknown to Canadian readers. He also writes weekly commentaries for The Shift, an independent Maltese news portal.

Ryan is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Mike T Nelson

Mike T. Nelson, PhD, MSME, CSCS, CISSN, is a research fanatic who specializes in metabolic flexibility and heart rate variability, as well as an online trainer, adjunct professor, faculty member at the Carrick Institute, presenter, creator of the Flex Diet Cert, kiteboarder, and (somewhat incongruously) heavy-metal enthusiast. 

 The techniques he’s developed, and the results Mike gets for his clients have been featured in international magazines, in scientific publications, and on websites across the globe. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, lifting odd objects, reading research, and kiteboarding as much as possible.

Logan Christopher

Born without genetic gifts, a weak and scrawny Logan Christopher sought out the best training information in his pursuit of super strength, mind power and radiant health. 

Nowadays, he’s known for his famous feats of pulling an 8,800 lb. firetruck by his hair, juggling flaming kettlebells, supporting half a ton in the wrestler’s bridge and more. He is the author of many books, a coach and a public speaker. 

Funk Roberts

Funk is a former professional beach volleyball player and Muay Thai fighter turned Certified Master Metabolic Trainer, Kettlebell Specialist and Transformation Expert & Specialist for Men Over 40

Funk is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Co-Author for ‘Rapid Body Makeover” and has appeared as a Fitness and Celebrity Expert on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX TV affiliates.

He is the creator of the Over 40 Alpha Brotherhood and owner of Funk Supplements Inc.

Funk’s dedicated mission is to help over 1 million men in their 40s,50s,60 and beyond to regain their manhood, boost testosterone, build their best body and live and healthy happy and productive life.

Travis Stoetzel

Travis Stoetzel is a certified strength and conditioning coach who owns and operates The Forged Athlete Gym in Omaha NE. 

He uses a blend of unconventional training methods via sandbags, kettlebells, and bodyweight mixed with in traditional barbel and dumbell training to help improve athletic performance and physique enhancement. 

His clientele range from crazy weekend warriors, high school athletes, mma fighters, military personnel, all the way up to Olympic caliber wrestlers.
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WHY Are We Putting This Special Event Together?
I get it.

This seems like an incredible event. 

And you ALMOST might be thinking - it's too good to be true.

There's got to be a catch.

Well here's the thing. Everyone participating in this event, will be promoting it to their own respective followings. 

That's probably how you got to this page after all, isn't it? :)

And so, for everyone involved, we all get extra exposure to everyone ELSE's following and audience, by participating in the event.

YOU benefit because you get TONS of free workouts and training tips and content from top experts in the Garage Gym space.

It's a true win-win for everyone involved!
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