ATTENTION: Personal Trainers and Studio Owners
"How to Start and Grow an Online Personal Training Business"
Free Your Time, Help People Around the World, and Add an Extra $1000 - $10000 (or more) to Your Monthly Income!
  • Are tired of working long hours ...
  • Struggle with making consistent money to pay the bills ...
  • Are sick of dealing with difficult clients ...
  • Struggle with hiring and managing staff ...
  • Are having a hard time getting new clients on a consistent basis ...
  • On the verge of BURN OUT ...
You'll want to pay VERY close attention to what I'm about to say.
You see – all the things listed above are serious issues that trainers and coaches are dealing with in the industry today.

The average fit pro schedule has you working early in the morning 'till late at night … plus weekends … to accommodate your clients.

Some of those clients are awesome and fun to work with … but of course you have the non-motivated ones with a negative attitude that you just dread working with … which SUCKS!

And even with this back-breaking, non-sustainable schedule … according to, the average pay for a personal trainer is $35,786 a year – underwhelming, to say the least.

If you want to “scale up” and make more money for yourself and your family, that typically means dealing with hiring and managing staff … which is a whole other pain in itself.

It's NO WONDER that the average career length of a personal trainer is 18 months.
The GOOD news is ... there is a SOLUTION.
A solution that thousands of trainers and coaches around the world are using to make multiple times the average personal trainer pay – working just a few hours per day, on their own time, from ANYWHERE they choose.

A solution that allows trainers and coaches to work with clients not just locally, but around the entire world …

And a solution that allows trainers and coaches to become recognized experts in their field faster than they ever thought possible.

It's exactly what happened for me - and I want to share how it can happen for you too.
Hey, I'm Forest Vance.

I was a pro football player in a "former life".

Now I've been in the fitness industry full time for the last 12 years. 

The first 7 of those, I worked like a dog, morning 'till night.

I made okay money … but I struggled with a work – life balance … and I knew deep down that my schedule was NOT sustainable.
And then, I discovered the world of online personal training.
It took me longer than it should have to get my online personal training business going, because I had no one to help or show me how to do it at the beginning (like you do today) … but once I got everything figured out, I was shocked.

I realized that there was a REAL way to make FAR more money than I was grinding it out in one-on-one sessions all day long … with FAR less effort … and with TOTAL freedom of schedule.

I still remember the first online training program I launched, I got 9 new clients in 5 days – at $600 each. I made $5400 that week … more than I did in an average month in my first few years in the fitness industry! … and that's when I realized that online training was the REAL DEAL.

Since, I've built up my online personal training business, and work with anywhere from 40-50 clients at a time, all around the world, each paying me $200-$300 per month.

I TRULY believe that the easiest, fastest, best way to START online is with online training / coaching.

And I am going to outline a simple system for you to start and grow your online personal training business within the next 60 days.

Now introducing ... 
Unchained - Online Business Boot Camp for Trainers and Coaches
If you REALLY want to build an online fitness business, but are struggling to do it...

If you are ready to put in the work invovled, and aren't looking for a "magic button"...

If you are just getting started, or have made a bit of progress but aren't where you want to be just yet ...

This online business boot camp is for you.

From dialing in your target market ... to getting your give-away set up ... to how to build your email list ... how to sell online personal training ... how to set it up ... how to retain your clients ... it's all here!

Each week, for six weeks, we do one virtual boot camp training session.

Topics covered are:

=> How to Choose a Profitable Target Market (pre-work) - This is the part SO many people get wrong, and struggle for months and YEARS because of it. I break down and show you EXACTLY how to choose a target market that you're both passionate to work with, and that is PROFITABLE!

=> Create Your Mini-Product - in 48 Hours or Less (module 1) - I make it SUPER simple for you and show how to create your first "mini-product" to get out there into the world - in 48 hours or less!

=> Online Fitness Business Sales Funnel Set Up for Dummies (module 2) - In this module I de-mystify the "sales funnel" concept and show you how to set up your first working sales funnel - so that you can have prospects coming in to your online training business on auto-pilot.

=> 100k in 1 Hour a Day - the ULTIMATE Lifestyle Business Model (module 3) - This is the business model I'd choose if I wanted to move to an island somewhere, work about an hour a day and live a life of leisure :) It sounds impossible - and it DOES take work to set up - but once you know how to do it, you'll have a lifetime skill you can use to feed your family any time you so choose.

=> CASE STUDY - $5400 in 5 Days with Online PT (module 4) - I break down and show you EXACTLY how I was able to launch my online PT program and make $5400 in the first 5 days. I also show you how to quickly and easily set up and systemize your online personal training business so that you can work with a lot of clients with minimal effort.

=> Rapid List Building with Giveaway Events (module 5) - Little-known method #1 you can use to add thousands of new email subscribers to your list each and every month, broken down step-by-step.

=> Explode Your Email List with Contest Marketing (module 6) - Little-known method #2 you can use to add thousands of new email subscribers to your list each and every month, broken down step-by-step.

By the end of six weeks, you'll have built the foundation of a successful online business. 

If you have questions as you work through the material ... if you want feedback on web pages you're building ... if you want to bounce ideas off other members of the group ... you'll be able to do this 24 hours per day, 7 days per week in the Unchained Virtual "Mastermind" Group.

This is a private Facebook group where I will be in there coaching and moderating.
Equally as important though, this group is a great place to connect with folks and work out mutually beneficial business relationships. When it comes to cross-promoting, being in a group like this is INVALUABLE. It's where I got my start in making connections in the online fitness business world. And it's 100 times easier to connect with people in this type of environment vs approaching them cold.

If you enroll in the Unchained Boot Camp during this special launch period, I am going to hook you up with an exclusive bonus that you can't find ANYWHERE else - the Unchained Interview Series!

I did 9 interviews with top fitness experts around the world. This interview series CANNOT be found anywhere else. And you can ONLY get it if you buy during the launch. This interview series in itself is worth many times the cost of the program! 

You'll get interviews with:

=> John Spencer Ellis - America's leading expert on fitness and personal development - on how to structure delivery of your programs and products for success!

=> Ryan Ketchum - Executive Director of Fitness Revolution - on building your online coaching sales funnel!

=> Alicia Streger -  fitness marketing mentor and head honcho at - on how she gets 80% of her new clients from her private Facebook group - and how you can do the same!

=> Rick Streb - creator of Fit Physique Custom Fitness and innovator in online fitness training - on adding nutrition coaching as an additional profit center in your online business!

=> Lincoln Bryden - veteran online fitness business owner and head honcho at - on fast and easy product creation!

=> Scott Rawcliffe - professional speaker and social media consultancy for fit pros business owner - on Facebook lead generation for fit pros!

=> Kane Sivisind - co-founder of the Habit Catalyst software platform for trainers - on how to use a pilot program to launch your online coaching biz! 

=> Funk Roberts - former professional beach volleyball player turned MMA Conditioning Coach on how to build a worldwide digital brand!

=> Fred Zoller - owner of LEAN Performance Academy and creator of multiple online products and courses - on how to launch your first info product and do 27k in sales in 5 days!

Your purchase entitles you to a ticket to my next live implementation boot camp day in Sacramento, CA on Friday, February 18th, 2017.

This is your chance to get individualized and specific advice on your business from me, live and in person.  You will also have the chance to network, and learn from other fit pros about what's working in their businesses.

It's going to be awesome. And YOUR ticket is only $97 ($500 regular price) when you purchase now.
Save on the regular program pricing of $497 when you enroll in the Unchained Online Business Boot Camp now:
Q - I don't know the technical side - like how to set up my email list, website, etc. Are you going to cover this? 

A - YES. We go into every step of how to get things set up. I show you a super easy way to get your emails going for $1 per month. I will show you how to get your website set up in 30 minutes or less. It's all here!

Q - What if I'm not currently a trainer? Is this program right for me?

A - If you have training experience, it is a plus. But it is NOT required.
You see - there are different "perspectives" you can take with your online business - and we will get more into this in the training - and how you present your material.

For example - if you want to be the "guru", or leader, or authority - this works fine. If you are an established trainer this is a great way to go. This is the role I take in my business.

However, you could ALSO take the perspective of - these are the workouts I'm doing, these are the results I'm getting, and I'm sharing what's working. This is a great angle to take if you don't have training experience etc.

Q - How much access do we get to you during the program?

A - I will be in there, checking the FB group, answering questions, and more.  I will be there with you every step of the way as you go through the course.

Q - Are the trainings live or recorded?

A - The trainings are recorded and you can access them at any time that is most convenient for you.
Save on off the regular program pricing of $497 when you enroll in the Unchained Online Business Boot Camp now:
PS - The Unchained 6 Week Online Business Boot Camp is all you need to get your online business going.

Topics covered are:

=> How to Choose a Profitable Target Market (pre-work)
=> Create Your Mini-Product - in 48 Hours or Less (module 1)
=> Online Fitness Business Sales Funnel Set Up for Dummies (module 2)
=> 100k in 1 Hour a Day - the ULTIMATE Lifestyle Business Model (module 3)
=> CASE STUDY - $5400 in 9 Days with Online PT (module 4)
=> Rapid List Building with Giveaway Events (module 5)
=> Explode Your Email List with Contest Marketing (module 6)

And by the end of six weeks, you'll have built the foundation of a successful online business.

You'll also get access to a Private Online "Mastermind" group, where I help you and coach you and answer any questions you have as you go through the process.

PPS - The goal is to help you build the foundation, and go from there. Once you get your 1st 1000 people or so on your email list - which is the big goal in this 1st 6 weeks - you can go on to scale up, make money other ways from you list, and so much more.

PPPS - The true turning point for me in taking my online business to the full-time income level and beyond was having a coach. Doing things on your own is so much slower and harder.

If you want to be helped through the process, get ANY questions you have answered, etc - this is perfect for you.
And in this program, I will personally help you thought all these things.
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