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From Forest Vance
I'd like to send you a copy of my 5x5 Barbell/Kettlebell/Bodyweight Hybrid Workout ... 100% FREE!
Inside you'll find: 
  • My "hybrid" version of the classic 5x5 training program - you'll lift heavy and gain strength, but also stay in top condition, burn fat, and move great ... ALL at the same time ... in about 30 mins of training time per day 
  • ​ Video walk-thrus of each exercise - so that your deadlifts, Turkish get ups, hanging leg raises ... and the rest of the moves we use in this awesome workout ... are performed with PERFECT form, safely and effectively
  • ​ Training tips, coaching cues, and workout hacks to get faster results than you ever thought possible
  • ​And much more!
From Nick Nilsson
"Old School” Bodybuilders Knew How to Get Big, Strong and Lean WITHOUT Machines...YOU Can Too!
All you need to get jacked like a “Golden Age” bodybuilder is barbells and dumbbells. For real. These guys didn’t need any fancy machines or cardio equipment to get the job done.
With very simple equipment and the right “old school inspired” training protocols and workouts, you can develop a jacked physique that PERFORMS as good as it looks.

These guys from the early era of bodybuilding didn’t build big, puffy non-functional muscles... they were STRONG and RIPPED...and they could do things that even modern-day bodybuilders can’t do.

Get your 5 FREE strength and conditioning workouts now!
From Jon Haas
Dad Strength: The Definitive Guide to Sustainable Fitness for Men in their 40's, 50's, 60's, and Beyond
How To Go From Dad to Super Dad!
  • ​A 3-Phased Approach to Recover, Build, and Sustain Strength.
  • ​Bring Back Strength With Full-Body Workouts. Control, Coordinate, and Move With Power. 
  • ​Burn Fat, Build Muscle, and Increase Testosterone Quickly!
From Dean Hartwig
Discover the 5 hidden secrets for quickly unlocking lean muscle mass & stripping away pounds of fat for a true golden-era physique - while doing so naturally.
The 5 DO’s & DON’TS To Maximize Muscle Growth
Ever wonder how pros eat? Well get this, you can start fueling your body like a PRO without having to eat like one. Learn the one secret diet-hack that will stack on muscle faster and BURN FAT than you can say “gains”.

We’ve all seen those jacked dudes with their shirts off and wonder what training routine or split they’re on. Well you’ll finally understand the 1-long forgotten secret that MOST training programs leave out - and how you can start building muscle like a pro…even if you’re a beginner! If you’re not doing this, you’re leaving pounds of muscle on the table.

Finally - unlock the one mindset trick that gets you motivated all day, 24-7, 365 that 99% of people don’t know about. Discovering this ‘mindset hack’ will keep you blasting through your plateaus and you’ll be wishing you knew this YEARS ago.

WARNING: Implementing and combining the strategies in this guide may lead to side effects such as: enhancing your gains, feeling and looking better, eating foods you enjoy and love without guilt, losing fat, opening your mind to new things and abilities you’ve never thought were possible.

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